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Why Many People Fail When They Venture Into Agriculture


Sep 18, 2021

Many individuals enter into agriculture dreaming to reap big and gain riches faster than a gamble but what they really don’t realize is that agriculture itself is a true and real gamble. Farmers are the biggest risk takers earth for they entrust all their faith to nature to decide the fate of their hard work in the fields. A lot of people try farming and after a few negative results they end up giving up all of it. The reasons behind their giving up might be beyond their control at times.

Women in Niger holding a crop of indigenous African rice.

When venturing into any agricultural activity the first thing you need to have in mind is to never invest all you have into that venture. Plan and put aside a percentage of cash such that if the crops in the field or the animals in the compound do not give the returns you expected,you will be backed up by what you had set aside. Also many people do farm a crop without studying and getting to understand the current niche in the market,they end up selling their produce on a loss due to overproduction and low demand. Don’t be a blind investor,be a critical and economical farmer. Understand the market first.

Field preparation for the propagation of pearl millet in India. Take note of the dry soil.

The failure is not always a farmers doing. You might do everything perfectly but then nature might end up showing you the middle finger and give your investment with the worst environmental conditions you have ever seen. As a Farmer you need resilience and determination. Without these you will end up being depressed and miserable. This does not mean you give up your hope in farming because modern techniques of farming enable you to escape most of these limitations.
Plant more stress resilient crops which have been genetically improved to withstand the expected uncondusive conditions and for faster growth rates in animals choose the best stock to start with and never buy an animal just because it appeals to your eyes. Most importantly understand the current market trends and then decide on what to farm,don’t ever just do what your neighbor is doing because you never know their plans. Be authentic and create your loyal customer base.

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