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Why Poverty Affects Children Worse Than We Know


Sep 18, 2021

Many People if told that poverty affects children they may be shocked and wonder how that is possible. But numerous studies have found out that poverty affects children psychologically and the impacts are felt and sustained into adulthood. With a world which is moving alarmingly towards a huge inequality gap in society,the results might not be what we imagine. The shocking thing is that you cannot be able to budget yourself out of poverty and that is the bitter truth. You might budget yourself to survive today but tomorrow is not promised.

One good example of poverty’s impact on school children is that teachers always complain that schools in low income areas have rude and unintelligent children who despise rules and regulations of the schools. But the reason behind this unruliness is the natural state of the child’s mind which is always on alert to resist in order to survive. This is no myth because even you can make out such an observation. Children from poor families grow into adulthood being angry and this is a behavior for coping and nothing fancy to appear macho.

For a society to raise a responsible and productive future generation,it must strive to end child poverty and this can be achieved by doing away with expensive school fees and healthcare for children. This in turn enable parents to be able to offer the basic essential services to the family. Happiness starts from home and it is not something that can be achieved at work or in school; it is a natural state of knowing tomorrow is always secure. So even if governments build the best schools in the nation without first making sure the gurdians and parents are able to provide for their children,then they are wasting money on the projects.

Happy children are a blessing to a nation. When a parent feels secure in providing,the child-parent connection is built stronger and this is the ultimate gift a human can ever desire. Let us as a society eradicate child poverty and raise a brighter,more patriotic future generation.

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