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Surprising Healing Properties Of Salt You Never Knew About


Sep 19, 2021

Many people suffer in silence with headache attacks which come and go without any sensible explanation behind the attacks. Now it has been discovered that salt can solve all these without ever using paracetamol even once. But there are a lot of misplaced beliefs behind salt,too. There are those people who keep hanging on an old tired fallacy of “salt causes hypertension”. Sugar will give you hypertension before you even mention the word salt. Salt will never cause hypertension.
If salt was bad as the industry tells you,then all our forefathers would have died of hypertension. They ate salt. Sold salt. Paid salary with salt. Salt has sodium and chloride which are vital for your metabolism. Chloride for example is responsible for making hydrochloric acid which is important for digestion. Sodium on the other hand is important in muscle activities. Salt is nature. Nature wasn’t wrong to give you salt.

Salt being harvested from a salt pan in Spain The word salt comes from an ancient word that means ‘SALARY’. Servants in the Roman empire were paid with salt. So,how come we have just discovered that salt is bad?                                                    Your Headaches Explained.                        If you have unexplained headaches,the kind of headaches that come from nowhere and remain stubborn despite swallowing medications,despite going to the hospital,scans and investigations do not show any clinical significance. Yet the headaches come and go,especially when at work,when in the gym,when you wake up in the morning: Then do the following,take a pinch of salt,add in a glass of warm water,drink twice daily- morning and bedtime. After doing this consistently even for a week,come back and give your feedback in the comments section.Low sodium is medically known as hyponatremia. People with migraines have a problem in an electric pump in the cells known as sodium-potassium channel pump. This pump releases an electric charge that powers your muscular and nervous activities. If you have a problem in this channel,it releases excessive levels of potassium into your brain cells causing excitation in your nerve channels. This excitation is what gives you headache. When you are working out,or involved in muscular activities,or thinking hard,or stressed,the channel releases voltage which is driven by the equilibrium between sodium and potassium electrolytes.If the equilibrium is missing due to a faulty potassium electrolyte pump or low sodium,then the pump will release uncontrolled potassium electrolytes which in turn lead to headaches and migraines. The solution is simple. Eat salt. Sodium will help achieve the voltaic equilibrium in the potassium channel pump hence curing your headaches.

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