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Lies And Myths Around Eating Meat Debunked


Sep 20, 2021

Maybe you have come across many articles and books preaching about how meat can lead to cancer,heart disease and many more brainwashing stories. Currently a culture of veganism is being cultivated among our society. Even the school curriculum is so modified to tell this lie to our growing kids. Let me start by showing the bond man has had with meat throughout history. Man was born a carnivorous being. Hunting wild hogs and other animals. Hunting of meat is what led to the creation of communities in the basic form of hunting bands and groups. Meat is the ultimate product that built society as we see it.

Red fatty meat; an essential meal for every man

Through man hunting meat ,that is why he discovered fire to roast the meat. He did not discover fire to cook grains and other veggies! To get the full context,man has lived on earth for 200,000 years. He has consumed meat for 200,000 years. Ask yourself then,why are we being told that eating meat leads to early death and other jumbled health conditions? Meat is the best source of proteins. If you are eating grains and think you are consuming proteins,I’m sorry to break this to you,there are no proteins in there. The amino acid in grains is not easily consumed and broken down fully by the body,why? Our digestive enzymes were never meant to break down grains.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to alienate you from your source of proteins,but have this picture in mind: When animals sense danger,that’s if when being hunted they either run or fight to survive. But then plants lack this ability of running,so how do they make sure to survive? They come up with mechanisms of making those who consume them uncomfortable in the gut and that is when you start hearing things like gluten intolerance. Solution? Eat meat,eggs,fish and other animal proteins.  A bonus to this is that it has been found that eating meat improves mental health and that one in every three vegans is depressed. This is an independent scientific study that was conducted in the US without corporate funding,so the truth and facts is hundred percent authentic.

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