• 27/06/2022

Wood has Been Discovered To Increase Performance among School Children


Sep 22, 2021

Two studies conducted recently among Australian school children has linked a lot of positive outcomes whenever wood is used to make usable stuff from chairs to beds.

Wood in schools reduce stress: “In an Australian school classrooms equipped mainly with solid wood materials pupils exhibited a decreasing  of heartbeats by an average of 8,600 beats during the day and showed significantly higher vagal activity during wakefulness”.

In medicine  the vagal tone plays an important cardio protective role,which means it protects the heart from infarction and injury”. Wooden classrooms means less stress ,healthier and longer lived children. Who would not want this for their school.

Another Australian study shows  that sleeping in wooden beds also had big effects: “subjects had 3,500 fewer heartbeats per day and reported feeling fitter and were socially more extraverted than beforehand,compared to subjects in imitation wood beds”.

This studies are going to transform the way we view wood as a product of making home things for use. Even when compared to metal desks in schools,wood has a lower reflective index thus the light that  falls on the wood appears calm and dull which is appeasing to the eye. On the other metal surfaces make light to appear whity and hurting even to the eye.

Wood is also a great place if you want to avoid bacteria and viruses lingering on surfaces. So why not rip out plastics in your school rooms and open the windows. Wood from ancient times had been considered to have healing properties and this has been proved by science. If you want to live peacefully in your home,limit the amount of metal,plastic products you use. By now you should be able to know that viruses survive longest in plastic  followed by metal and lastly they never last more than a few hours on wood!

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