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Agriculture: Way Forward For Kenya’s Economy

ByStellah Omondi

Sep 24, 2021


Agriculture is the art and business of cultivating soil, producing crops and raring livestock. Research indicates that two thirds of the world’s population is concentrated in rural areas which are usually agriculture-oriented. In Kenya, agriculture is believed to be the backbone of the economy since it has contributed to economic growth and contributed to the increase of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Tea plantation on Kenyan highlands

Agriculture has established the industrial framework through supplying raw materials for the local industries. Products such as hides and skin are taken to leather industries as raw materials and manufactured to more complex products. Items made of leather are durable. They include shoes and bags.

Sisal farming

When goods are exported, they earn foreign currency. Products such as tea are highly exported from Kenya and through this, the agricultural sector generates income. The Kenyan economy is boosted as well by agro-based industries since they have enough finances to cater for their needs such as buying machines including tractors and the like. Foreign exchange is earned thereby boosting standards of life and the economy improves.

Tea harvesting


There will be consistent supply of food from the farms to the industries and food security for the population. This encourages small-scale farmers to improve on their farming skills. Since the purchasing power of individuals is high, more income is generated and there is creation of market for industrial goods. It not only improve the living standards of farmers but also those poor ones in the society.

Since most farming activities takes place in the rural areas, it reduces migration to towns. It also provide employment opportunities to the people in rural areas to work in local industries. Crime rates are likely to reduce when residents are much focused on farming and producing goods.

More research should be done and abandoned lands reclaimed for agriculture to take place. The government should also support farmers by providing them with farm tools and equipment, fertilizers inorder to increase productivity rate.

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