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How Do You Choose The Right Make Up For African Skin Color


Oct 7, 2021

Until recently, it was a challenge to find cosmetics to match the skin tone and coloring of African women. There were rarely any brands that created products for this immense market which left these women with severely limited choices in makeup.

However, this has changed in recent times and many well-known brands now have a great variety of cosmetics to cater to women of darker skin colors.

Here are some tips you can use to apply perfect makeup for African women.

Getting The Right Makeup For The Right Skin Undertones

The underlying tones of African women’s skin are very different from her Caucasian counterparts. It is very important to understand  that skin tone when choosing your makeup colors because the underlying tones determine how the colors appear when they are applied.

In general ,African women should avoid makeup that has a generous hint of pink or peach. If your African complexion has red undertones, you have ‘warm’ skin while yellow undertones mean that your skin is ‘cool’.

Other than these two,African complexion may also have blue undertones. Women with ‘warmly skin can go for reds, magentas,mauve,orange ,and yellow while those with yellow undertones look good with violet, aqua,brown,and amber. Blue undertones are best highlighted with  red,teal,orange and shades of blue.

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