• 27/06/2022

Is It Necessary To Mask Young Children?


Oct 9, 2021

Masking of young children has been debated consistently and is considered by many as a form of torture to the growing children. Corona is a very mild virus when it affects children for instance how many critical cases have you heard involving children? When young children are being forced to wear masks then we must ultimately question the science and moral standing behind such a mandate.

The German Medical Association has called for unmasking the youngest children. This is after an intense study was conducted to see the correlation between masking and record cases of covid infections. Masks played a minutely small role in preventing the spread. What was advocated in place is for those handling the children to mask up to curb spreading the virus to the children instead. This is science with tangible facts and not a guesswork based on armchair speculations, so for those advocating for individuals to trust the science and mask their children should rethink what science means to them.

There is a really uniquely Kenyan view on the risks to children that exaggerates physical costs and underrates the social and emotional costs. When young children are masked they become emotionally disturbed and there is no torture worse than being not satisfied emotionally with what is happening around. It is time we rethink what we are doing to our children if it is morally right or our own evil projection. Children are not young adults,they are simply children.

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