• 27/06/2022

“Ni Either Uliitwa Ama Ulijiita” Gospel Artist Janet Otieno Strikes Artists Talking Down On Gospel Musicians


Oct 13, 2021

Gospel Singer Janet Otieno has asked people who condemn the gospel ministry soon after switching from gospel to secular industry to check how they got into the gospel.

However, according to the unconditional love singer, the people who condemn the ministry are the people who called themselves into it.

She said that most people who are truly called by God hardly abandon his work as God gives them grace and favor to continue doing his work.

It was during an interview on radio Jambo hosted by Massawe Japani that the Heshima hitmaker lost her cool and told off musicians who switched to the secular industry and talked trash about gospel ministry to recheck how they got into the gospel.

She said, “I have been in the industry for seven years. Before you started doing this gospel ministry or being in the industry, ask how you find yourself in the industry? Who called you for you to do what you were doing and for you to get to a point and say I just want to go to the other side. ”

According to Janet, knowing the answer helps people know if they were called or they called themselves to the ministry.

She said, “If someone called you to do his work, you cannot abandon it. You cannot abandon God’s work and do other things. ”

Also O, Otieno said that she lost her respect for people who talked trash about the gospel ministry and how it’s run, arguing that they should have been better ministers, and create the environment they hoped to be in.

Janet also disclosed that when she lost her father, she went with her siblings to Kisumu for preparation plans, and upon returning, she fell ill, where going to the hospital was told that she had Typhoid.

Later, her husband and son fell ill too and after more tests in the hospital, they realized that they had contracted Covid 19.

This comes amidst two weeks ago where murder suspect Jowie Irungu clarified that he is not a gospel artist and revealed that he has a love song coming up.

What do you think about artists switching from one industry to another? Share your comment online comments section thank you.

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