• June 8, 2023 6:37 pm

Ford Kenya At Crossroads As Wetangula Declares Anticipated NDC Meeting Unconstitutional

Ford Kenya  Party is on the verge of collapsing once again as party leader Moses Wetangula has disagreed with his National Disciplinary Council over a meeting scheduled for November 6, 2021.

Kanduyi  MP Wafula Wamunyinyi and his Tongaren counterpart Eseli Simiyu have reiterated that numerous underlying issues need amicable solutions to steer the party forward as the country prepares for general polls in 2022.

The legislatures argued that Bungoma County Senator  Moses Wetangula is to be held responsible for dragging the party on its feet and always opposing the issues agreed on by the party. They strongly said that Wetangula  is illegally in office and  the party will announce their  decision after the National Delegated Conference (NDC)  meeting,

“He purportedly convened a  meeting with fake officials and pulled out of NASA Coalition without genuine party officials, he is alleged to have signed an agreement with OKA which is also illegal. Wetangula does not have the mandate from members of  the party hence those are illegal commitments ” Wamunyinyi said

Tongaren legislature additionally said that the party will decide on who to support once they unanimously resolved on a leader to who will be trusted to lead the party,

“When we are done with National Delegates  Conference, we will begin talks with other parties with intentions of forming a coalition going into elections next year. We have agreed that if we go to that NDC, and we elect Wetangula, we will back him, if we go to that election and we back Wamunyinyi or Eseli or somebody, we will back him” Eseli added.

Wetangula on the other hand said he is the party leader and  neither Eseli nor Wamunyinyi cannot hold NDC meeting,

“I  don’t know if it was real or fake, a notice purportedly issued by Eseli, the MP for Tongaren that there will be no NDC, he is not the Secretary-General for Ford Kenya, the party is not an individual but an office. Eseli is not in the office and the perpetuity of the authority of the office is  Millicent Abudho. If  NDC is going to be called and the legitimate signatory to the notice for an NDC is Millicent Abudho” Wetangula concluded.

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