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How You Can Grow Mushrooms On Toilet Paper Rolls


Oct 20, 2021

There are many ways of cultivating mushrooms that are beginner-friendly and easy to undertake at home. Using paper rolls is one of the most innovative one of them. You will need the following materials: Oyster spawn (either grain spawn or sawdust spawn); Large filter patch bags; Toilet paper rolls (Generic white rolls of toilet paper work best. Avoid kinds that have color printing, added scent, or lotions.)

Dip the rolls. Bring a pot of water to a
boil. Either dip your rolls of toilet paper
into the boiling water using tongs or
pour the boiling water over the rolls
of toilet paper in a sink. This is a “soft”
(i.e., not strictly complete)pasteurization of the roll. An oven rack placed over the sink makes a good makeshift rack to hold the rolls.

Inoculate the rolls. Allow the toilet
paper roll to cool on a small plate.
Crumble up your Oyster spawn and fill
the interior of your toilet paper roll with it. I generally also dust the exterior of the roll with some spawn. Enclose the
roll and plate in a filter patch spawn bag. Use a rubber band at the top of the
bag to close it.

Air and mist. Open the bag several times a day to air it out and mist it with a spray bottle. Keep the sides of the plastic bag moist by making them the primary target of the spray bottle. Try to avoid water pooling in the bottom of the bag. If you need to, you can go without missing for a day or two without negative consequences.

Harvest. Your roll should be fully colonized in 2 weeks or less if you’re
using Oyster mushrooms. Your fruits
should come a week or two after full
colonization. To harvest, simply grasp
the mushroom at the base of the fruit
body and gently twist it off with your
fingers. You can sometimes get two or
three flushes from this method as long
as the roll doesn’t dry out. Subsequent
flushes should start around 1 week
after the previous harvest.

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