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The Best Edible Snail Species To Farm In Kenya


Oct 20, 2021

There exists a very rich variety of edible snails a farmer can choose from. Choosing a species to cultivate will depend on your local conditions and also the taste and preference of those who will consume your product. I’m going to take us through a few of the more economically important snail types that are more widespread and known well.

Achatina Fulica (garden snail, foolish snail) is a large snail, reaching 20 cm in length or occasionally more, with a shell length up to 20 cm and a maximum diameter of 12 cm. The conical spiraled shell is predominantly brown with weak, darker banded markings across the spiral. Coloration is highly variable, depending on diet. A mature snail averages 250 g in weight.  This species has its origins around the East Africa Coast and that’s specifically across Kenya and Tanzania. It is a very adaptable species and can thrive in a wide of climates.

Archachatina marginata (big black snail, giant African land snail) is a large snail, generally growing to about 20 cm and a live weight of 500 g. The shell is much less pointed than the Achatina species, the roundness being especially obvious in young animals. Striation on the shell
may give the appearance of a ‘woven’ texture. The head of the snail is dark-grey; its foot is a lighter shade.

This is a very hardy species and claims its origins across the humid African rainforests spanning from the Congo to Nigeria. Its early maturity is what pulls many farmers to this species and the ease of feed conversion to meat particularly is the number one best trait. If not kept under control and left to escape into the wild it can be a nightmare for farmers.

In general, all edible snails carry some importance but most are restricted to the localities in which they are found. Snail farming is expected to be the next disruption in the agricultural sector and it is better to be acquainted early with the basics and avoid being left in the dark.


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