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Why Every Duck And Geese Farmer Must Provide A Small Pond For The Birds


Oct 21, 2021

Ducks and geese love to splash and play in water, and for the larger breeds water is essential for mating and egg fertility. A pond is also helpful for cleaning and conditioning plumage, and Sebastopol geese need one to maintain their good looks. Of all the various breeds, Muscovies are the only ones that seem not to mind if no pond is available for bathing and mating.

For all the rest, and even for Muscovies, furnishing at least a small pond is a good idea for several reasons: It helps them keep themselves clean; It improves egg fertility; It lets them more comfortably endure hot and cold weather; It helps them evade predators  It lets them use up excess energy in play; It gives you the pleasure of watching them float and frolic.

Providing water is especially important if you intend to raise the large, deep-
breasted breeds, which have a hard time mating without pond water to make them buoyant. And in evading predators, a goose will swim tantalizingly just offshore when tracked by a fox, and a duck will duck underwater when buzzed by a hawk.

The best reason to provide a pond is that waterfowl love water. Sure it’s hard to tell whether a duck is happy or a goose is joyful, but who can doubt it after watching a duck or goose scoot across the water, disappear beneath the surface, pop up somewhere else, flap its wings, and start again? And even if we can’t say for sure the bird is happy, it certainly makes us happy to watch.

The pond needn’t be expensive or elaborate. You can build a simple pond using a guide such as Earth Ponds by Tim Matson.

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