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Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing In Nairobi


Oct 28, 2021

Kenyan capital city of Nairobi has been declared the leading travel and business destination after the recognition during the World Travel Award.

The event was held this October where Nairobi beat another high-profile urban center in the likes of South African Pretoria, Cairo, Lagos, Johannesburg, Cairo, Cape Town among others.

According to privy sources accessed by Dala News, this is the third time Nairobi clinched the award after 2019 and 2020 in a row.

The city’s bloom has been attributed to other entities that play a pivotal role socially, economically, and politically roles.

In matters of travel, Kenya Airways bagged all the rights to be the leading airline for the business class, notably, the Kenyatta International  Convention Centre  (KICC) as an establishment also feted during the award as the best conference center in 2021, also Kenya Tourism Board scooped the award for remarkable efforts to sell Kenya both internal and external markets.

Major businesses were also named including Olare  Mara  Kempinski, Mount Kenya Safari  Club, Norfolk Hotel among other hotels, additionally Four  Points by Sheraton as the best airport in the continent.

With the harsh economic period brought by the novel coronavirus, almost all sectors including the Hospitality industries suffered a blow in the wake of   Covid-19. Some closed down while others were forced to lays off staff, others reduce monthly stipends on salaries while some did altogether.

Economist argues that with the decision to write off curfew on October 20 and measures that hit hard the economy, many businesses are anticipated to get off their struggling feet and restored to where they belong. The experts said it will take time though progress shall be registered.

Elsewhere, the County that is controlled by Nairobi  Metropolitan Services has continued to witness numerous challenges that tarnish her name, the traffic nightmare, poor waste management, pollution from city-based industries, and unemployment brought by the ever-rising population.

The  Government has made a remarkable effort to support businesses, mostly state-owned corporations that risk closure. The Kenya Meat Commission (KMC) among others has passed through the process.

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