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Addis Ababa Citizens Arming Themselves As TPLF Marches On The Capital

ByDala News

Nov 3, 2021

Citizens in Addis Ababa are arming themselves as the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) march in on the capital.

The war in Ethiopia has taken a strange turn as government forces seem overwhelmed by the TPLF rebels. On Tuesday Ethiopia declared a state of emergency and for the first time sent appeal of help from the United Nations.

The cards have been turned and the rebels appear to be the stronger outfit.

Since November last year the government has used hunger and deprivation to force the Tigrean people to submission. The United States government backed by France and UK has tried to augur for peace talks but Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed would have none of it.

This forced Joe Biden to accuse the government of  “gross violations of internationally recognized standards of human rights”. Ethiopia is now facing economic sanctions from the global community for refusing to resolve the territorial conflict in Tigray. The US has also threatened to take further ‘un-specified action’ against Ethiopia driving observers to the conclusion that the US might have a hand in the sudden military upsurge and strength of the once ragtag rebel army from the north.

There’s talk of mercenaries fighting alongside TPLF. Image | Courtesy.

The US through special envoy for the Horn of Africa, Jeffrey Feltman has made a statement on the deteriorating security state in Ethiopia saying: “Prolonging the war, dodging genuine negotiations to lead to lead to de-escalation and a ceasefire, and refusing unhindered humanitarian access to avert catastrophe are actions that are taking Ethiopia [in] a dangerous direction.”

The Government used hunger as a weapon against the Tigrean people.

A call has now been made for residents to register their firearms and prepare to defend their neighbourhoods. In a strange turn of events the government now seems ready to talk, but the TPLF will have none of it.


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