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Kenya’s Favorite Teacher Turns A Year Older Today

ByDala News

Nov 26, 2021

Arguably East Africa’s finest female standup comedian Carolyne Wanjiku Tharau popularly known as Teacher Wanjiku turns a year older today.

Teacher Wanjiku doing what she does best.

Teacher Wanjiku is married to Victor Ber with whom she will be celebrating today together with their two lovely daughters.

Wanjiku stands out at the top with Uganda’s Ann Kansiime as uniquely gifted with gab, wit, and charisma. When the two met on stage during the East African comedy festival held in Nairobi it was obvious there would be no winner

Perhaps because of her age and the character role Teacher Wanjiku has kept away from unnecessary controversy. Her family remains out of the public limelight and she handles her celebrity status gracefully.

Her forays on Tik Tok and YouTube are equally successful with one skit watched by hundreds of thousands where she only wiggles her waist to a Kamba benga song. Indeed she’s so funny that she doesn’t have to utter a word to make her audience break up in titters.

Like so many Kenyan comedians she cut her teeth on the Daniel Ndambuki Churchill Show. At one point they fell out and she began her entertainment brand.

It will be dishonorable not to mention some of her most impactful acts. There’s that occasion when she narrates the story of her teen days and how she would go dating while pretending she was attending burials. One day her mom becomes suspicious and demands to be taken to the site of the graves. Her answer?

“The people whose funerals I attended were all Asians. We cremated them!” Then she proceeds to narrate how she and her boyfriend would hide behind the standard book-lending excuse to which the mother would respond: “If you knew how many books your father borrowed before you were born you wouldn’t lie to me so cheaply. I’m the author!”.

In her trademark wig, spectacles and dotted-pink dress Teacher Wanjiku is your ordinary school teacher.

Another memorable shows are the drinking habits of Kenyans which she performed during the East African Comedy Festival. It was fantastic.

Wanjiku Tharau is a down-to-earth gifted comedian. And if she turns a year older today, we, her fans unreservedly wish her all the best in her future undertakings.


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