• June 8, 2023 7:18 pm

More Than 40 Women In Artisan Projects To Get Global Marketing Experience

Women from Siaya can now put food on the table following successful training in making hand-made goods that aims to empower them through the creation of more employment opportunities.

Through Yomen Women Christian Association (YWCA) Siaya Chapter which has partnered with other organizations, the beneficiaries in the artisan sector are hailed for making standardized products that have attracted both local and international market.

Siaya Cultural Center.

According to the association’s Director, Mildred Andere noted that they have partnered with Global Soko that will help in searching reliable for their produced goods,

“Today we are glad to have partnered with US-based largest external market, that is Global Soko and we have brought together young women who are entrepreneurs from various small sectors in the county of Siaya, We had exhibition and also training that will enable them trade on quality goods that can be demanded in other parts of the world, ”Andere said.

Moreover, she said they target over 3,000 women due to massive opportunities available for women and girls hence calling them to grab such opportunities for life-changing moments.

“ Women and young girls should join us, we have various programs including HR/SH empowerment, women in leadership and governance and many more they can learn, and through this program, when our customers come for these products,you are certain of getting large sums of money, from when it is taken and when sold compared to our local market, I advised them to work hard since it will pay off” she concluded.

Women are further told to join development groups where they can learn numerous skills for income generating activities. The move will create more avenues to exploit available resources that have been deemed valueless, mostly raw materials like reeds and others. Some of the products made by the women include baskets, mats, various pots among other important goods.

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