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Woman Arrested For Theft Of iPad Files Charges Of Sodomy

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Apr 13, 2022

A woman who had entertained a guest all night was detained at the gate on allegations of stealing an IPad. The drama unfolded at an establishment in Kilimani Sunday morning.


The middle-aged woman had been invited to room 131, by a foreigner-only identified as Khan, where they had a good time until early Sunday morning when the lady took leave.


However, immediately after she left the room, Khan realized that his iPad valued at around Sh92,000 was missing and alerted security to freeze the woman and ransack her handbag in search of the gadget.


The iPad was recovered from the woman and the hotel’s security alerted police officers based at Capitol Hill Police station, who immediately rushed to the establishment.


What followed shocked both the officers who had come to effect the arrest and the guards who had detained the woman.


The woman alleged that Khan had given her the iPad, being payment for the services she had offered him all night since he had no cash.


Secondly, she told the officers that she intended to file a sodomy report against the reporter since he had gone against the order of nature, contrary to her wishes.


For a moment, the recently graduated officers who haven’t come across such cases were puzzled by the sudden turn of events and consulted amongst themselves in hushed tones, before arresting both Khan and the woman for further investigations. Both reports were booked at the police station.


In other related news, The former general manager of a distribution company based in Kisii County was on Wednesday, January 26 arraigned at the Makadara Law Courts in Nairobi for allegedly stealing Sh78 million from her ex-employer.


The court was told that Millicent Akeyo Akinyi allegedly stole the funds on diverse dates between December 19, 2019, and September 30, 2021.


Akinyi is alleged to have, thereafter, resigned from the company.


“Being a servant of TB Distributors Limited, you stole Sh78,014,894, which came into your possession by employment as the general manager of the distribution company,” the charge sheet said.


After the said theft was discovered, the firm launched investigations, which resulted in the arraignment of Akinyi, warehouse lead officer, finance chief, and sales representatives.


The company said in court that neither Akinyi nor her co-accused alerted the directors about the loss of funds.


The directors told the court that they turned to auditors to help unravel the mystery of missing funds.


Upon completion of the audit, which revealed that Sh78 million was missing from the company accounts, the directors filed a report at Kamukunji Police Station in Nairobi.


Akinyi was, consequently, arrested at her new work center in the Makaburini area, Kamukunji Constituency.


Akinyi denied the charges and was released on an Sh10 million bond. The matter resumes for hearing on July 11, 2022.

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