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Dancing On Ice Star Reveals How She Pays Off Her Sons To Allow Her Have Daytime Sex With Husband

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May 11, 2022

DANCING On Ice star Caprice has told how she banishes her children so she can have daytime sex sessions with husband Ty Comfort.

The 50-year-old model and TV star says she has even given them cash and said: “Nobody bother us for an hour.”

Caprice, seen here in Miami, has opened up about her sex life Credit: Getty – Contributor.

She said she tells her two children: ‘Nobody bother us for an hour’ Credit: Getty

Caprice shares eight-year-old sons Jett and Jax with Ty, who she married in 2019.

Speaking about Helen Flanagan’s confession that she hasn’t shared a bed with fiance Scott Sinclair for seven years so she could cuddle her kids, she warned it could a be a “relationship killer”.

Caprice, writing in Closer, said couples need to make time for what she called “smoochers” – insisting: “Sex keeps a relationship strong.”

She added: “I’ve had times where I’ve just had to say in the daytime, ‘Right, Mummy and Daddy are doing smoochers! Nobody bother us for an hour,’ – and the boys know.

“We went through a stage where we even had to pay them off so they didn’t disturb us.

“We’d give them a few pounds and tell them to get lost, basically. They were happy they had money for sweets!”

Caprice is famously outspoken on the subject of sex – saying last year that women should regularly agree to have sex with their husbands — because it will take only five to ten minutes.

The star, who has appeared on 250 covers including Vogue, GQ and Cosmopolitan, added: “You can’t say ‘I’m tired’ or ‘I have a headache’ — no!

“Take one for the team, it’s between five to ten minutes of your life.”

And mum-of-two Caprice said she and husband Ty Comfort, 54, romped regularly.

She said at the time: “Men are simple creatures – you feed them, give them compliments and sex and they are happy.

“It’s the best stress reliever. During the first lockdown I was very active — I was chilled and creative.

“The second was more stressful, but now we’re in Ibiza, it’s like rabbits.”

Caprice is the mother of two sons Jax and Jett Bourret-Comfort who were born three weeks apart from each other in 2013.

One was carried by a surrogate before Caprice discovered she was pregnant with her other child who had been conceived naturally.

Despite not being twins, she has given them the same birthday saying in 2019: “They are sort of like twins – born three weeks apart. Eventually I’ll tell them. Gosh they are so cute.”

Caprice with businessman Ty Comfort back in 2016 Credit: Getty

Caprice compared her lockdown sex life to Ibiza saying ‘it’s like rabbits’ Credit: instagram.com/capricebourret

The model had one son via surrogate and another naturally Credit: Instagram.

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