• 27/06/2022

Detectives In Kenya Endorse Voodooism As Witch doctor “Arrests” Cattle Thieves

ByDala News

May 25, 2022

In a shocking endorsement of witchcraft detectives attached to the Directorate of Criminal, Investigations DCI have highly praised a traditional healer in Kakamega for engineering the arrest of three livestock burglars.

After performing the witchcraft rituals at the enclosure where two calves and a goat were stolen, the medicine man left assuring the homeowner that the culprits will come looking for him within two days.

True to his words on Friday at 10 am, three men Hillary Momanyi, 22, John Bukhazio 28, and Winston Mutiele, 20, emerged with hands swarming with bees and totting the stolen livestock on their shoulders.

The shocking part of the spectacle was that the alleged thieves were bleating and mowing like the livestock they had illegally commandeered.

Issues relating to witchcraft have lately emerged in the law and order system with a lawyer representing defendants in a case where three elderly women were lynched in Kisii last year amidst claims of being witches suddenly developing curious symptoms in court and later being pronounced dead.

Kenya is not the only country in the continent with a resurgence of witchcraft and voodooism. Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and the DRC Congo have entrenched sophisticated structures in animism, witchcraft, and African traditional religions.




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