• 27/06/2022

What Raila Said About Mitumba That’s Exciting UDA Agents

ByDala News

Jun 7, 2022

While unveiling his 10-point manifesto at Nyayo Stadium on Monday, Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party presidential flag-bearer Raila Amollo Odinga made certain remarks over imported second-hand clothing commonly known as mitumba.

Raila’s political detractors have had a field day claiming the doyen of Kenyan opposition politics was against the lowly Mama Mboga and Bodaboda who make a living from trading in, or wearing second-hand apparel due to economic hardships. Such factual misrepresentation against a rival is good for political milage especially during this campaign season. It is a shame and ridiculous, however, to impute that a known civil rights activist such as Raila would suddenly change his stance against the people whose rights for many decades he fought for: the downtrodden of society, including Mama Mboga.

What Raila said was: “Our people are only wearing clothes coming from outside the country which have been worn by people who are dead. We are going to go to primary production so that our people who are importing mitumba can have good products to sell here.”

Distinctly the ODM leader mentioned primary production which is the first step towards industrialization. He also mentioned good products to sell – how the UDA affiliated keyboard warriors still found something negative in that statement is confounding.

Meanwhile, Deputy President Dr. William Ruto’s running mate Rigathi Gachagua continues to create unprecedented political melodrama. His latest goof is a clip gone viral on social media where he’s quoted as directing police officers to go back to class so that they can study, obtain degrees and get good jobs (whatever that means).


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