• 17/08/2022

Taking Politics A Notch Higher, Raila Introduces Mbilia Bel In Nyeri

ByDala News

Jul 6, 2022
Raila Odinga introduced Mbilia Bel to the crowd in Nyeri. The rhumba legend is set to participate in the African Night extravaganza on Saturday 9th July.

The doyen of Kenyan opposition politics Raila Amollo Odinga on Tuesday took presidential campaigns a notch higher when he introduced to the Nyeri crowd renowned rhumba legend  Mbilia Bel.

Known for her scintillating powerful soprano, Mbilia Bel has been the love of many fans of rhumba across the African continent and beyond. She rose to stardom in the early 80s as Tabu Ley Rochereu’s support vocalist.

Raila Amollo Odinga’s fifth stab at the presidency has been the most plausible and best structured in terms of strategy. By nominating Senior Counsel Martha Karua as his running mate Raila in one fell swoop captured the two-thirds gender equity as well as the Mount Kenya vote.

Martha Wangari Karua is the game changer in the 2022 State House race.

Raila has brought to his corner the Mount Kenya Foundation, an entity comprising of the movers and shakers of Kenya’s economy. With the backing of his handshake partner Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, Raila appears to be in bed with the Deep State.

Raila tactfully neutralized Ruto votes in Mount Kenya.

Chances are very good that he will emerge triumphant in the August poll.

In the meantime, questions persist whether at 75 years of age the doyen of intrigue in politics might not be too old to contain an upsurge of the ambitious, youthful leaders who surround him.

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