• 17/08/2022

Shock As Employees of Siaya County Government Declare Allegiance to Incoming Governor Nicholas Odero Gumbo

ByDala News

Jul 23, 2022

The Director of Information in Siaya County Mr. Auscar Odhiambo Wambiya on Friday led several senior personnel in the County Government in declaring their support of UDM Party candidate Eng. Nicholas Odero Gumbo for Governor.


Siaya County Director of Information, Mr. Auscar Odhiambo Wambiya.

Mr. Wambiya who leads the caucus of Eminent Persons from West Alego was speaking in Siaya shortly after returning from a working tour of Portugal. He is also closely identified with the Orange Democratic Movement Party Branch in Siaya having closely worked with outgoing Governor Cornel Rasanga Amoth.

In the past two weeks, Governor Rasanga has held meet-the-people tours across the county dubbed “prayers and thanksgiving” but which have turned out to be forums to campaign for Senior Counsel James Bob Aggrey Orengo.


Gumbo (seated in the foreground) has captured the imagination of the electorate in Siaya with his unconventional campaign strategy and a consuming euphoria.

Orengo is a politician of national stature but his involvement in the politics of Siaya has been met with repulsion especially when he is seen as a stooge of the same unnamed godfather who propped up Rasanga.

The outgoing Governor is associated with mediocrity in his political statements and leaves behind a legacy of incomplete projects.


Rasanga (striped t-shirt) has been campaigning for Orengo in his alleged thanksgiving tours.

Siaya has been a focal point of the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission over bribery claims by MCAs who wanted to know how KES 42 million was misappropriated by the office of the Governor. The money was, among other things meant for the purchase of medical equipment and payments to medical personnel.

On Friday Mr. Wambiya stated support for Eng. Gumbo who the latest credible opinion polls place at 49% against Orengo’s paltry 29%. Given that about 22% of the voters are undecided there’s the possibility of the numbers changing in the coming two weeks before the ballot. There’s no hope, however, that those numbers could change so drastically as to overturn Gumbo’s lead.


Eng. Nicholas Odero Gumbo WAJONYA.

The former Rarieda MP is trying his hand at the gubernatorial race for a second time. The last time he vied against Cornell Rasanga, the High Court, rather than IEBC had to determine the winner.

Meanwhile, reliable sources indicate that Mr. Wambiya could be gunning for the role of Speaker in the next Siaya County Government.

“We, the people of Alego-Usonga Constituency, AWARE, that we have over 123,000 votes, do throw our weight of votes behind Nicholas Odero Gumbo (a.k.a WAJONYA),” the statement read, adding “We do this, conscious of the fact that a GUMBO Governorship puts us in a GEOGRAPHICALLY strategic position to vie for the position of SPEAKER OF THE SIAYA COUNTY ASSEMBLY, which is the next most powerful position after the Governorship and worth the huge voting bloc that we represent. We RECOGNIZE that Rarieda has been guaranteed the position of SPEAKER in the opposite camp of GUMBO, yet this is the position of our interest given the huge voting bloc we portend and the fact that we are not contending for the Governorship in this election, hence this our move. We will shortly release a list of our sons and daughters from which list, the next lot of MCAs will pick their SPEAKER, immediately after WAJONYA is sworn in as the 2nd GOVERNOR of Siaya County. Viva Alego-Usonga, Viva Siaya County”.



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