• March 26, 2023 18:09

It’s Not Millicent Omanga

ByDala News

Aug 2, 2022

A cursory look at the photograph attributed to Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga appearing in a skimpy bikini may after all be photoshopped.

The photos of a semi nude woman accompanied by a caption Mama Mboga with ample sitting allowance do show a lady parading bikini and may or may not be that of Omanga.

From a fairly sober person the Nominated Senator has become outlandish in character ever since she donned the yellow uniform of United Democratic Alliance Party. Nowadays she parades her ample rump to audiences as part of her political campaigns.

Lately Deputy President Dr. William Samoei Ruto and many politicians allied to him have been captured making unbelievable utterances and it won’t be a surprise, after all, if the woman in the nude is actually Millicent Omanga.

A story on the photograph appearing in Opera News was accompanied by hilarious comments.


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