• 15/08/2022

Chicken Are Coming Home to Roost, Eric Wainaina Sings About Martha Karua Victory In New Song

ByDala News

Aug 4, 2022
Dubbed the iron lady, Karua much resembles the United States, Kamala Harris.

Singer and songwriter Eric Wainaina has released a song extolling the virtues of Martha Wangari Karua the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party deputy presidential candidate.


It is the first time Wainaina has openly identified with a political outfit since 2003 when he extolled Kenyans to maintain the optimism and promises of a new dispensation.

Each passing day Martha Wangari Karua looks more regal and presidential as she readies to occupy the office of Deputy President as a pioneer of her gender. She not only stands at the precipice of writing history but also brings to the office of the Deputy President the credibility that was rigorously eroded by its present occupier.

With a history steeped in social justice agitation and a deep craving for the establishment of institutions that uphold the rule of law, Karua may have her chance to revolutionalize the government after the 9 August poll.

Outgoing President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta having a glimpse of Martha being a stickler for the rule of law has openly sympathized with tenderpreneurs and political mafiosos who make a kill out of fleecing government.


With the much-lauded doyen of Kenya’s opposition politics Raila Amollo Odinga in the driver’s seat and Karua’s hawkeyed countenance upon that intent on looting the economy, Kenya is poised for a new day. In his song Wainaina says so much, adding, finally the chicken has come home to roost.

Song and dance still play a huge role in the African psyche and worldview. Wainaina’s song is loaded with symbolism.



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