• August 19, 2022

Dear Aunty Magda: I Keep Thinking of Men Whenever Cuddling With My Girlfriend

ByDala News

Aug 6, 2022

Dear Aunty Magda,

I’m 19 and will be joining University this September.

Recently I got drunk at a Houseparty and ended up in bed with a fellow man. I climaxed so fast while doing foreplay and the memory now haunts me everywhere I go.

I know I’m not gay but every time I have sex with my new girlfriend I dream of that experience with a fellow man. It’s so bad lately that sex with a woman appears repulsive.

Please help. Am I gay?

D. M. — Daraja Mbili, Kisii.

Dear Dennis,

At 19 most healthy human beings are experimenting a lot with their sexuality and it will be unfair to classify you as outright gay.

Beastiality and most LGBTQ characteristics are however entrenched in our psyche in our early and mid-teens. What should worry you is that you fantasize about a fellow man while in the arms of a woman.

Certain specific attributes of the female body would excite arousal whether or not it’s permitted. Think of the female thighs, torso, and buttocks and if these do not invigorate your heartbeat then, you are gay.

You may not necessarily need to accept that state until you experiment more with other classes and types of women. I noticed you mentioned your new girlfriend, meaning at 19 you are having trouble holding onto a relationship.

Just think of what you are missing if you can discover the hidden treasures of having sex with a real woman as opposed fantasy.



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