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Complete List of TSC Approved Subject Combination

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Sep 24, 2022

Choosing the right subject combination gives you an advantage during TSC recruitment. As a result, it is critical for those who want to become teachers to make sure they settle on the right subject combination to avoid disqualification.


This article focuses on the list of subject combinations approved by the Teachers  Service Commission (TSC) in Kenya.



The approved subject combinations in Sciences include the following;

Chemistry and Biology

Chemistry and Physics

Agriculture and Geography

Biology and Geography

Home Science and Biology

Physics and Computer

Agriculture and Biology

Agriculture and Chemistry



The subject combinations under the languages include;

English and Literature

Kiswahili and CRE

Kiswahili and History

Kiswahili and Geography

German and Geography

German and CRE

Kiswahili and IRE

Kiswahili and Home science

Kiswahili and PE

French and Geography

French and Business Studies

French and CRE

French and History

Arabic and IRE

German and History



Just Incase you want to train as a Mathematics teacher, the following are the combinations;

Mathematics and Business Studies

Mathematics and Geography

Mathematics and Computer

Mathematics and Chemistry

Mathematics and Biology

Mathematics and Physics



The approved subject combinations for those willing to train under humanities include;

Geography and CRE

History and CRE

Geography and History

Geography and IRE

History and IRE

History and P.E.

Geography and P.E.

Geography and Business Studies

Home Science and History

Home Science and CRE

Special Needs and PE

Music and PE



The list of Some of the technical subjects taught in secondary schools include;

Metal Work and Mathematics

Metal Work and Physics

Woodwork and Mathematics

Woodwork and Physics

Electricity and Mathematics

Electricity and Physics

Fine Arts and History

Fine Art and Geography

Art & Design and History

Art & Design and Geography

Kiswahili and Home science

Kiswahili and PE






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