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Woman Narrates Shocking Ordeal of Father Sexually Molesting Son

ByDala News

Dec 9, 2022

He was given supervised visits which was later changed to weekend visits from Friday 4:00pm to Sunday 5:00 pm on alternate weekends when the child was 2 and half years old after judgement.

He first went on 11th -13th June and 25th to 27th June 2020. After the second visit the child came back fearful, having nightmares, urinating on himself and he told me that night of 27th ‘uncle shika Mimi tail’.

I took him to mama Lucy Kibaki hospital, private hospitals but I got no help. I went back to court pleading with them that something was happening to my child.

When I didn’t get any help I went to Kenyatta almost two months later and the child was taken to theatre where they found that he had 3 healed anal fissures and they concluded that it was suspected defilement.

I went and reported to the police under OB 64. I took these documents to court and the magistrate ruled that if I don’t hand over the child custody will be taken from me.

I handed over the child 3 times after which the child started having issues. He had been potty trained and he started peeing on himself, nightmares, clingy and very fearful. After the third visit he came back and would lick my thumb and toes, ears and neck. I would take him for therapy at Mama Lucy where the therapist noted that this was sexual used behaviour.

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A week later after having I shower I saw some redness in his anus and when I went to apply Vaseline on it he ran away. I called him back and asked him why he’s running away and that’s when he told me that ‘daddy alinishika puppy’ and he proceeded to insert his fingers in his anus. I took him to Nairobi women’s hospital the next day and it was confirmed that he has been sexually abused.

I reported it at Pangani Police Station under OB 72 and was issued with a P3 which I filled and returned. Later on I was sent a document from ODPP stating that the documents provided do not show any anomaly in the anal region and they recommended closure of the file. I filed a review of this decision since my documents state that sexual assault has occured. Attached are the letters of all the places I’ve gone to.

Meanwhile, in the civil case, the man took me to court again because I refused to give him the child after the abuse. The court has recently ruled that a warrant of my arrest be taken out.

Please help me please how do i give my child out to be molested. I would rather go to jail.


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