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I Have No Time for Exchanging Words — President Ruto Claims As He Responds to Raila

ByDala News

Jan 27, 2023
Shortly after arriving back in Kenya from a tour of France and Senegal President Dr. William Samoei Ruto on Friday found it prudent to respond to claims by opposition leader Raila Odinga that he does not recognize Ruto’s presidency.

President Dr William Samoei Ruto was speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of Shauri Moyo “A” Affordable Housing Project in Nairobi.

President Ruto went ahead to state the obvious: “I will make sure every citizen is part of the journey of development in Kenya regardless of which side they voted for. There is no other President of Kenya, I am the only one.”

The President echoed words from his inaugural speech and reminded Kenyans that those claiming not to recognize him are merely politicking.

“Let me inform those who still want to take us back to politics that the time for politicking is over. They should allow me to plan this job because they were defeated and could not do it (win the elections),” he said, adding “Your children are in parliaments in Arusha yet you want the children of the poor Kenyans to come for riots in Kamukunji and Jacaranda grounds? We will follow the path of development and not that of exchanging words.”

Dr. Ruto was referring to opposition chiefs Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka whose daughter and son are in the East Africa Legislative Assembly based in Arusha.

The President was however setting a bad precedent by responding to Raila Odinga. Kenyans can easily remember the electioneering period when the two leaders traded barbs daily. Sometimes their exchanges deteriorated into diatribes, innuendo, and unsubstantiated propaganda.

To spice things up Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua revealed that he will be dealing firmly with Nairobi Members of County Assembly who attend rallies organized by Raila.

If the President knows that he legally occupies office exchanging words with the opposition leader (and claiming not to) will not enhance his stature in the public eye.


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