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MP Peter Salasya Reveals How Much Power Raila Aide Jakakimba Wielded Prior to Resignation

ByDala News

Mar 14, 2023

Outspoken Mumias East Member of Parliament Peter Salasya on Saturday revealed that Raila aide Silas Chepkeres Jakakimba was a very influential ODM Party operative before he resigned.

Mr. Peter Salasya.

Following a disagreement with Winnie Odinga, Jakakimba resigned from his life membership in the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party as well as the enviable position of Raila’s advisor.

Sources privy to the Winnie-Jakakimba fallout say the youthful city lawyer, believed to harbor closet secrets on Raila Odinga could be an asset to the Kenya Kwanza government. He probably is headed for an appointment in the always-ready-to-employ Ruto government.

Salasya now alleges that together with others Jakakimba would swindle money out of candidates wishing to vie for ODM Party tickets.

Kisumu businessman Charles Achieng Odunga Mamba once revealed how powerful individuals surrounding Raila Odinga would make monetary demands and frustrate efforts by prospective candidates. Mr. Mamba was twice denied nomination when he vied for the Alego-Usonga Parliamentary seat.

From the days of Mbiyu Koinange, and Nicholas Biwott to Hezekiah Oyugi talented individuals have always warmed their way into the confidences of powerful politicians. Usually,y they end up wielding too much influence behind the scenes.

Silas Chepkeres Jakakimba was such an individual.

During the last General Elections Jakakimba wanted to vie in Langata Constituency on an ODM Party ticket but was prevailed upon to shelve his ambition.


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