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Report Sparks Outrage Among Employees of CGS As it Emerges 150 M for Promotions Stolen


Sep 26, 2023
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Over KES 150 million meant for promotion of Siaya County Government staff has been siphoned through an account at Equity Bank, Siaya branch.

Staff at the payroll department deviously promoted themselves awarding themselves huge salary increments without consulting the authorizing body. While the Human Resource Director constantly gave excuses that there is no money for promotions huge amounts were being diverted to benefit a few individuals.

An audit report released Monday evening has now revealed that a cartel based in Treasury and Finance has boldly been stealing from the county government while no promotion has been affected over the last 11 years. The cartel is so powerful that even successive governments are held at ransom to reinstate their officials even when the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission recommended in the last administration they be sacked.


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