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Fit as a Fiddle: KEMRI Test Results Show No Sign of Illness on Students of Eregi Girls’ High School.


Oct 5, 2023

Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) has announced that it has not found traces of any disease in samples obtained from 44 Eregi Girls High School students in Kakamega.

Eregi Girls’ Strange Disease
There was a scare at the school based in Kakamega County after the students began manifesting strange symptoms that included making random movements and noises.

Kakamega County Executive Committee (CEC) member in charge of health told the press on Thursday, October 6, that 44 samples out of 106 students taken to l

All the 44 samples did not show traces of a common disease among the students hospitalised with the strange symptoms that worried Kenyans.

Eregi Girls laboratory results
The health executive said the 44 students whose test results had been received were allowed to return to school while the other 62 remained under the care of medical facilities.

Wasonga appealed to the parents of the hospitalised students to remain calm as there was no reason for alarm, as proven by the test results returned.

“We have dealt with the matter according to standard health procedures. The symptoms have been managed, and the tested samples show no infection caused them to be in pain,” Wasonga said.

Deaths in Mukumu Girls
This comes even as the school’s board of management held a meeting on Thursday, October 5, to follow up on the well-being of all students, including those picked by their parents for treatment.

The administrators indicated that they would liaise with the parents to ensure the learners return to school in time to continue their studies.

Earlier in the year, an unknown infection outbreak at Sacred Heart Mukumu Girls that caused the death of at least four people, including students, raised concerns about the welfare of learners in boarding schools.


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