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A number of Siaya leaders, led by Governor James Orengo, staunchly responded to President Ruto’s recent threat to Omtatah, highlighting their dismay at the apparent shift towards intimidation in politics. Referring to Ruto’s inability to overcome Raila in the political arena, they expressed their disapproval of the president resorting to threats.

In a statement, Orengo and his colleagues emphasized the importance of democratic discourse over coercion in political competition. They criticized Ruto for what they perceive as a lack of ability to navigate the political landscape effectively, choosing instead to resort to intimidation tactics.

The leaders underscored the need for respectful and constructive engagement in the political sphere, urging Ruto to focus on policy discussions rather than resorting to threats against individuals like Omtatah. They conveyed a sense of disappointment in witnessing such tactics from a prominent political figure.

The statement suggested that resorting to threats diminishes the quality of political discourse and undermines the democratic values that should guide political interactions. Siaya leaders called for a return to civility and a commitment to addressing differences through dialogue, reinforcing the importance of upholding democratic principles in the face of political challenges.

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