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Popular Kenyan comedian who prides himself as being king of African comedy Eric Omondi has Vehemently refuted claims that he toned down on political activism because of a visit to Statehouse.

Speaking to online journalist Vincent Mboya, the comedian said that his name should never be mentioned in the same sentence with President Ruto’s and his Deputy Gachagua.

Asked by Mboya to verify rumours that he stopped street demonstrations because of a visit to statehouse, Eric responded: “Tunafanya interview ama ni matusi? Vincent Mboya, usiwahi tumia jina Eric kusema the word statehouse ama Ruto, Gachagua; nitakata hii simu. Nilishawambia sitawahi jipata kwa the same location na the president and deputy. Akiwa KICC naswear before God nitatoka. Hata nataka kuhama Nairobi. [Are we holding an interview or insulting each other? Vincent Mboya, never use my name Eric while mentioning the Statehouse, Ruto or Gachagua. I’ll end the call. I already told you that I will never find myself in the same location with the president and his deputy. If we ever meet at KICC I swear to God I will leave. I’m even planning to move from Nairobi.]”

Watch him say this at 52:30 on this link.



The comedian went further to reveal that he took a break from demonstrations because his girlfriend Lynnette Njihia had given birth to a daughter. That his absence was adding to her postpartum depression so he had to take a break of six months that will end in March.

He also revealed that on April 1, 2024 he will organise demonstrations that according to him will spark off a revolution. That the only thing that might make him change his mind is if the price of maize flour and fuel come down.



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