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Youthful East Asembo Ward MCA Gordon Onyango Onguuru is on the run following allegations of inciting violence at a gold prospecting site.

The incident interrupted the tranquility at  Lumba Kobong’ village in East Asembo Ward Siaya County.

Reports allege that violence broke out on Friday at a public participation meeting organized by the MCA purposely to block Amlight Company from setting up a gold processing facility in the area.

The tragic incident, resulting in two fatalities and numerous injuries took place under the oversight of the West Asembo Ward MCA Gordon Onyango Onguuru.


Agitated youths, armed with mining tools and fueled by mounting frustrations, departed the meeting with a singular mission: to confront the Amlight construction site head-on.

The unexpected demolition of the company’s wall sent shockwaves through workers and management, caught off guard by the sudden surge of discontent.

Within the compound, enraged youths engaged in physical confrontations, wielding weapons and unleashing chaos.

The genesis of the conflict lay in the community’s deep-seated concerns and accusations against Amlight company.

Villagers contended that they had not been adequately engaged, accusing the company of clandestinely establishing its presence without transparent communication about operations and potential environmental impact.

Foremost among the community’s fears was environmental harm, with suspicions about the use of harmful chemicals by Amlight.

Wycliff Ochieng Odindo, the youth representative, stressed the urgent need for clarity from both the company and government officials regarding activities and potential threats to the environment.

Concerns also surfaced about the impact on artisanal miners who had relied on the area’s mining activities for decades.

Villagers feared that the introduction of machines by Amlight could displace these miners, disrupting their livelihoods and the longstanding benefits derived from the region’s natural resources.

As the situation unfolded, Siaya county police commander, Mr. Cleti Kimaiyo, confirmed the incident and reported the deployment of a team of senior administration and police officers on the ground.

Their response aimed to manage the aftermath of the clash and address heightened tensions in the community.

The incident underscores the paramount importance of transparent communication and community engagement in development projects.

Without proper dialogue, misunderstandings and escalating tensions can lead to tragic outcomes, highlighting the urgent need for a delicate balance between progress and community well-being.

The aftermath of the clashes serves as a stark reminder that sustainable development requires the collaborative effort of all stakeholders, emphasizing harmony and understanding as the bedrock for progress.

As of the time of going to press, Mr. Gordon Onyango Onguuru had gone underground and was not answering his phone.

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