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Team Fred Odumo Nying’uro today camped in Kakola Kamahawa sub-Clan of Kano where they distributed maize seeds to clan elders.

The team was led by Salim Mireri coordinating with village elder Cornell Arondo. Also present during the exercise were Siprosa Ogunda, Rhoda Onyuro and Mr. Agumba.

The elated elders said that the last harvest was poor owing to intermittent heavy rainfall and the gift of seeds from Wakili was not only thoughtful but also an act of humanitarian concern.


They described Wakili as the most suitable candidate vying for the Kisumu Senatorial seat as the welfare of the electorate was his primary interest.


In other news the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology Student Organization (DeKUTSO) has distanced itself from the institution administration’s decision to split KES 1 million donated by President William Ruto equally among all undergraduate students present this semester.

The student leaders’ body stated that the decision was made without their input, hence they strongly condemn the move.

“The decision was made without our input and we strongly disagree with the decision, therefore we treat this as an act of undermining the students’ leadership body,” read the statement signed by DeKUTSO Secretary General Nicholas Ngetich.

This follows a memo from the Directorate of Students’ Welfare on Tuesday announcing that each of the students would get an equal allocation of KES 180 from the Head of State’s KES 1 million gift.

According to Esther Nthiga, the Director of Student Affairs, the university made the decision after conducting public participation among the students via a Google form.

She revealed that 51% of the students said the money should be shared equally, 36.5% chose a luncheon, while 35.5 wanted the money to go to the students’ bursary.

“Following the outcome of the public participation, it has been decided that every undergraduate student during the January-April 2024 semester, including students who are on internal attachment during the semester will be given KES 180,” Nthiga said in the memo.

All class representatives were hence asked to inform their students to collect the money from the Directorate office from Friday 9 through to Friday 19, upon which whatever remains will be channelled to students’ bursary.


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