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John the Baptist was beheaded for confrontationally telling off Herod Antipas that he should not marry Herodias, the ex-wife of his half brother. Prophet Nathan more or less told King David the same thing over Bathsheba but this time he used apt parables and instead of being beheaded David confessed his sin and changed his way.

Those who have studied the deeper meaning on life through subjects such as  hermeneutics belabour this point – how you tell a story determines how well the message is received or rejected.

May I humbly add to that branch of schooling that, sometimes what really matters is the attitude of the recipient.

Governor James Aggrey Bob Orengo is a kind and goodhearted person and so I’ve decided to write him this open letter.


Dear, Governor. With all humility and protocol observed kindly allow me to revisit certain pertinent issues that your government is either not seized of or has deliberately failed to address.

Some of this issues should have been addressed in your State of the County Address 2023, but were not. Your Excellency, you forgot to mention anything on the issues am raising here and hopefully you may do so in the upcoming state of the county address.

Nothing was mentioned on Lake Region Economic or related blocs and the place of Siaya in the regional schema of things.

No mention was made on progress of partnership with National Government on the Lower Nzoia Irrigation Project as a projected game changer in food production for Siaya County.

On finance, there was no mention of the use of PPPs and need to have Siaya investment corporation up and running. 

No explanation was given for lack of or proposed remedy to Own Source Revenue target shortfalls by almost KES 300,000. No call on public to pay tax or progress of steps towards revenue collection digitization.

While the increase in bursary funds is laudable efforts could be made to double the kitty within proper legal framework. Nothing was said on efforts to address corruption in bursary allocation and avoid beneficiary duplication with other existing bursary schemes 

Nothing was mentioned on concrete steps to attract investors, entice existing ones, make Siaya business-friendly. No mention of Yala Swamp, the greatest of all our natural resources.

Too little was said on Tourism, nothing on Home-stay-concept, tourist attractions of Siaya etcetera.

Finally there was no mention of Siaya County Public Service Board. Nothing on staff recruitment, retention, motivation, capacity building and specifically board separation.

Having said all that may I now thank you sincerely for the great effort you have made in reducing pending bills and the spirit you have shown to move the county forward despite obstacles inherited from the last admininistration.

May I sincerely urge you to continue with a purge of ineffective officials from your admininistration and employ proactive ones.

I know I’m speaking for the silent majority so allow me to invoke that lurid analogy in Luhya folklore where the frightened hyaena addressing a rock says — even if you don’t reply I know you’ve heard me.

Back to the beheading issues. In Dholuo we have a candid saying: jaote ok go lero. Yes, I come in peace, bearing a message from the silent majority.

Allow me to retire in peace.


Editorial Friday 12 April 2024


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