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dalanews.co.ke was established in April 2013 and registered in June 2013 as a Newspaper at the Attorney General’s Office, Nairobi, Kenya. The inaugural print version broadsheet Siaya Weekly folded up after a few issues and the online digital paper was birthed.

In 2023 we went offline for four months following attacks from hackers. The current digital magazine is hosted by Truehost Kenya since September 13, 2023.

We are currently the most widely read and most authoritative blog in Nyanza.

Since we don’t have any billionaire owners our content and editorial policies are free from bias. We do not support any religious, political or economic interests. We only endeavour to disseminate news as accurately as possible, directly from the source.


To maintain our independence while at the same time meeting production overheads, we welcome financial support [without strings attached] through Mpesa 0720378541 or Kenya Commercial Bank (Siaya Branch) Account Number: 1253476136

Our vision is to broaden out into broadcast and print versions to compliment the current digital publication.

Our mission is to maintain journalistic integrity and provide clarity as we report on contemporary events locally and globally.

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