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Family of Girl Scalded with Hot Water by USA based Boyfriend now Seek Repartition Order


Sep 24, 2023

The family of 20-year-old college student Mercy Momanyi is appealing to the Kenya Government to repatriate her boyfriend Brian Ombongi who has fled the country after causing her second degree injury burns from scalding by hot water.

The incident which occurred in Mosocho area of Kisii county was kept under wraps for a whole week as the victim and the mother of the assailant who was also scalded in the melee sought medical attention at a private facility in Kisii.

Lawyer Danstan Omari has revealed that he has taken up the matter with the Immigration Department seeking a repatriation order for Brian who fled to Minnesota in the US after the scalding incident.

Brian and Mercy are said to be lovers and the incident occurred at Brian’s home following a domestic disagreement. Brian’s mother got scalded with the hot water when she attempted to intervene on behalf of Mercy.

The police are working to determine whether the domestic scuffle warrants the involvement of Interpol and a repatriation order.

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