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The death of 3 night guards has plunged Migori into mourning and chaos as pockets of demonstrators take to the streets.

The escalating insecurity in the county has prompted residents to take to the streets in protest. This grim development coincides with the anticipated visit of President William Ruto to Migori County, casting a shadow over the region’s security situation.

The loss of three night guards in Migori is a sobering reminder of the pressing security concerns that have gripped the county.


The tragic deaths have sent shockwaves through the local community and underscore the urgent need for measures to address the rising insecurity.


In response to the alarming insecurity, residents of Migori County have taken to the streets in protest. Their voices unite in demanding swift action to ensure the safety of the community. The demonstrations represent a collective cry for security and peace in the region.

The timing of these distressing events is particularly significant, as President William Ruto is scheduled to visit Migori County.

His visit now carries the weight of addressing not only development and progress but also the pressing issue of security.

The President’s presence is anticipated to offer reassurance and a commitment to addressing the security concerns of the people.

The tragic deaths of the night guards serve as a call to action for authorities to prioritize the safety and security of Migori residents.

It is imperative that swift and effective measures are implemented to curb the escalating insecurity and restore a sense of safety within the county.

In the face of adversity, the residents of Migori County have shown their resilience by taking to the streets to demand change.

Their determination to see an end to insecurity reflects a strong sense of community and the shared goal of fostering a secure environment for all.

As President Ruto’s visit to Migori County approaches, the security situation will undoubtedly be at the forefront of discussions.

The tragic loss of the night guards serves as a stark reminder that the people of Migori are seeking not only development and progress but also the fundamental right to live in a safe and secure environment.


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