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A senior state official in Nyanza is the subject of a series of land grabbing deals. According to a widow who has agreed to share information with dalanews, so long as her identity is protected the senior official is targeting widows in their clan and purchasing their inheritance at a song.

A widow, who is the latest victim of the State officials’ avarice has raised the alarm claiming that she is being intimated to either relinquish land belonging to her late husband at a  price or face unspecified expulsion.

“He’s using his new found powers to frustrate people especially me,” said the widow, reverting to the vernacular, “Ok one kama dichuo othoe. He pounces on defenseless and ignorant widows and buys their land at a song. Imagine he was the MC at my hubby’s funeral. They are clansmen.”

While https://dalanews.co.ke is sifting through video evidence to bring details in a subsequent update, a national newspaper has already carried a story in one of its gossip columns about the inhuman behaviour.



dalanews.co.ke https://g.page/r/CerTmAWCtzj4EBM/review¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ÿÛ C

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