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Over the past weeks, former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga has attended and presided over a number of public rallies and engagements. The rallies were big success going by the number of people – especially the young who were in attendance.

Prior to this, Mr Njenga was involved in a mystery abduction, purportedly, by state agents.

With promises by Njenga himself of more meetings and rallies in the coming days, political experts and pundits have become awake of the ‘unusual’ nature of the rallies.

One of the political pundits who is tagging the Njega rallies as ‘unusual’ is John Kamau – a household name in the political expertise space. Speaking to the STANDARD pundit Kamau warned that Maina Njenga maybe be receiving sponsorship from a powerful government official who is out to showcase his political muscles/power.


According to Kamau, there was heavy police presence in some of the rallies presided over by Njenga. The police were not there to disrupt the meetings but offer security to attendants. According to Kamu, this only points to one thing – blessings from state actors.

He also related the number of people who attended the rallies to the heavy investment in mobilisation by the grouping. According to Kamau, this still points out powerful sources funding the rallies.


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