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The Kenya National Examination Council has issued a list of prohibited items even as students gear towards sitting the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) and Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams (KCPE).

In a notice issued on Wednesday, KNEC has banned electronic gadgets including mobile phones, tablets, body cameras, smart watches, earphones, camera pens and any other item with Bluetooth capabilities.

The examination body has also listed handbags, briefcases, backpacks and kiondo as items that will not be allowed.

Written or printed materials whether or not related to the paper being sat have also been banned.


Materials written on items of clothing or footwear will also not be allowed.

KNEC has further directed examiners that candidates should not wear wristwatches.

Programme calculators have also been banned.

Materials written on parts of the body that are not declared tattoo will also be limited.

“The grade Y will affect any subsequent certificates, Do Not fall victim to cheating,” KNEC further warned.

The KCSE examination begins on October 23, 2023, with the rehearsals slated for Thursday, October 19, while KPSEA, KILEA and KCPE start on October 30.

This year, a total of 903,260 candidates are registered for the KCSE exam across 10,651 examination/assessment centres.

There are 1,415,315 KCPE candidates across 28,533 centres, while 1,282,574 are registered for KPSEA exam across 32,584 centres.


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