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Former Prime Minister Raila Amollo Odinga is in India for what might not be a state visit but is equally important.

Raila has posted on his Twitter page a criptic message, full of meaning.

Mama @IdaOdinga and I are in India, courtesy of our mutual friends who graciously introduced us to the fundamentals and advantages of Ayurvedic practices.”

Although he is an octogenarian, the former Premier’s hale appearance has often astounded many. During the 2022 presidential campaigns Raila’s daily itinerary was full and he did not disappoint when he made each stop full of his trademark chutzpah.


Now the cat is out of the bag. Nicholas Halonda, a resident of West Alego whose father was a renowned herbalist said: “Agwambo odhi madho yadh Nyaluo India. We tugo g’-wuon Akinyi!” ( Raila has gone for herbal medication in India. Never underestimate the father of Akinyi).

Little known Rosemary Akinyi, Raila’s eldest daughter suffered total blindness and had her eyesight partially restored through Ayurvedic practices.

Of late there have been comical comparisons in the media of Raila’s healthy appearance vis-a-vis his peers in Government.


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