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Dear Aunty Magda,

I’m aged 42 and works in the field of IT in Nairobi. Recently I overheard my wife laughing heartily at a joke with her college friends who come calling regularly at our home.

When I inquired afterwards what made them laugh so she confessed that just before we got engaged she almost slept with a man but when he undressed and she saw the size of his penis she changed her mind.

Throughout my life I’ve been battling with esteem about my undersize organ, so timidly I asked her what his size was like and once again she burst out laughing and said he was smaller than her little finger.


“Would you say that was about my size,” I pressed on since I had to know whether our sex life was still satisfactory to her.

“I don’t know”, was her shocking response. We’ve been married for eight years with two kids and although she has never complained there’s always that gnawing doubt in my mind that my small organ could be an issue.

My wife could tell that I was hurt though and she quickly apologized, assuring me that size was not everything in our marital life.

The problem is that since then, my self-esteem took a nosedive and whenever we go to bed I get anxiety panic.

Kip, MKU – Nairobi


Aunty Magda Replies

Dear Kip,

Let no woman lie to you that size does not matter in sex. All women fantasize about being raptured by lotharios with donkey-size dicks. It’s the continuous interaction with oversized persons that can be tedious and harmful.

The fact that your wife apologized should be comfort enough, only tell her that while keeping college friends is not a bad thing eight years in marriage should be enough for her to move on and cultivate mature friendships. Rest assured however that comparisons with other men will only worsen the situation. There will always be someone out there hung like a horse and definitely larger than you.

That in itself should not worry you (as long as your wife is not seeing that person) just make do with what you have and thank God, it could be worse.

What you should avoid at all costs is purchase of penis enlargement pills or gadgetry; it’s all a sham. Accept yourself and move on.

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