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With Governor Orengo’s Press Unit

Call for unity and focus on development forms the core of Ker’s message during his historical maiden visit to Siaya County_

Ker Odungi Randa has called on Siaya leaders to unite behind Governor James Orengo and give him full support to help him achieve his leadership legacy for Siaya County.

Ker Odungi said this at a meeting with Siaya County leaderships comprising members of the county executive, members of the County Assembly, elders and religious leaders. The meeting was held in the Governor’s boardroom after Ker Odungi and his team of elders paid a courtesy call to Governor James Orengo.


This visit is historically significant as it is Ker’s first to Siaya since he was elected as the traditional and cultural leader of the Luo Community.

His visit to Siaya is the first in a series of similar meetings that Ker has planned to undertake across the entire Luo Nyanza region to foster unity and peace in the region as key foundation for social, cultural and economic progress.

Also present at the meeting were: Siaya County Assembly Speaker, Hon. George Okode, _Ogaye_ of the Luo Council of Elders Jaduong’ Jack Ayaga, several MCAs, the County Secretary Mr. Joseph Ogutu, several CECMs and other members of the executive. Accompanying Ker were executive members of the Luo Council of Elders, and Siaya County Luo Council of Elders as well as the leadership from all the six constituencies of the county. Other notable figures present were the wife to former Ker the late Otondi and Ajiki Kodh Yamo.

On his part Governor Orengo thanked Ker for choosing Siaya County as the first County of his visit upon his election as Ker. He told Ker and his delegation that the County leadership take the visit with the full honour that it deserves. The Governor further thanked Ker for the good cultural stewardship of the Luo Community. The Governor also reassured Ker that his Government, and indeed the people of Siaya County will always offer their steadfast support to Ker and his Council noting that significant role it plays on the preservation and continuation of the Luo culture and traditions, as well as on uniting the Luo community.

The Governor further assured Ker and his team that the Siaya County Government, under his leadership, is fully focused on the development agenda and delivery of services to the people.

Speaker George Okode on his part reiterated the Governor’s sentiment by assuring Ker that the County leadership were united and working together, and that the Assembly is fully behind Governor Orengo as steadily he steers on the transformative path of development for prosperity.

The meeting’s rallying call centered on unity of purpose amongst our people and within the ranks of the political class to be able to fully exploit the community’s and the regional vast socioeconomic potential while putting more emphasis on Siaya’s strategic location and rich resource pool to harnesh its full potential for tourism and investment.

His Excellency the Governor also thanked Ker for his diligent and exceptional role as Jaramogi’s PA before his demise in 1994, emphasizing that Ker has always made selfless contributions to the community during his tenure as Jaramogi’s aide.

Earlier Ker had visited some key cultural sites and some of the ongoing development projects whose completion will be key in spurring cultural tourism, talent nurturing and sports as well as other spheres of socioeconomic development.

The cultural sites visited by Ker were the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Moseoulem in Kang’o Kajaramogi as well as the Ramogi Luo Cultural Shrines. He also visited the Siaya Stadium and Miguena, which are currently under construction, and which are expected to host the activities of _Piny Luo Festival_ planned for August 2024.

Before meeting the Governor, Ker and his team had earlier met the Speaker and Siaya MCAs at the Assembly premises.

Ker Odungi concluded his remarks by commending the County Government of Siaya, under the leadership of Governor Orengo for building good relationship between the County Government of Siaya and the Elders which is envied and emulated by other Counties across Nyanza.

On his part _Ogaye_ Jack Ayaga said the elders are happy with the progress and development agenda of Governor Orengo’s administration. He appealed to the people of Siaya to be vigilant and guard against anything that would distabilize the unity of the community now and in the future. He asked leaders to avoid friction or animosity which would paint Siaya in negative light as that would derail the gains already realized. He further advised that the Luo community must always do everything possible so as not to fall into the traps of its political detractors, who would only be happy by sowing seeds of discord and disharmony between leaders and amongst the members of the Luo community.

Governor Orengo’s Press Unit

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