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Nepotism Rears Ugly Head in Gladys Wanga Exemplary Homabay County Government


Nov 7, 2023

Nepotism is rearing its ugly head at the Homa Bay county government as top officials recruit semiliterate relatives not minding qualifications as per the employment procedure.

Relatives of top officials dominate lucrative departments at the expense of qualified employees who ought to have been given the mandate to offer effective quality service delivery to the people of Homa Bay County and who are now crying foul.

Top officials grabbed the positions to reward elements from clans considered to have participated effectively in the last general elections campaign and are now scaring employees capable of ensuring service delivery to all parts of the county.

As a result, millions of shillings that should have been channelled for projects in the county are diverted to personal use by corrupt workers who brag of protection from a top official.

The Lakeshore County residents worry that unless this malady is tackled immediately, it will impact negatively as certain regions may not get what they had yawned for many years.
It has been established that certain clans dominate lucrative departments yet they lack genuine documents to occupy those senior departmental dockets.

Some residents claimed the said semiliterate relatives of the top officials believed to have been rewarded to occupy positions they are not qualified for are being spotted driving high-end vehicles in town and frequenting luxurious entertainment joints with women lavishing them while spending extravagantly instead of ensuring quality service delivery to citizens of Homa Bay.

Recent recruitment is also an issue as it raised eyebrows as relatives of senior county officials were favoured and are now diverting public funds to personal use and bragging about enjoying the goodwill of their godfathers’ protection. It has been established that most of them were recruited dubiously as they did not have genuine documents.

Some of them were assigned the duty of collecting revenue for the county government at various trading centres and were expected to bank the collections daily in various banks.

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