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Okiya Omtatah Now Points Finger at Davis Chirchir, Kipchumba Murkomen as the Financiers of Njeri wa Mafuta


Nov 18, 2023
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Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah has traced the money trail used by a woman dubbed by social media as Njeri wa mafuta to two Government ministers.

In his detailed investigation released Saturday afternoon Mr. Omtatah has traced three tranches of money withdrawn from the Exchequer without Parliament’s approval, purportedly to subsidize private enterprise. The third tranche has a figure curiously corresponding to the KES 17 billion quoted as the value of the oil imported by Njeri.

Mr. Omtatah has traced the source of the money as the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining headed by Cabinet Secretary Davis Chirchir. He also interweaves collusion by Transport Cabinet Secretary Onesmus Kipchumba Murkomen.

Njeri’s mother was also quoted in the media saying that her daughter could not possibly be worth KES 17 billion.

According to Senator Omtatah, Njeri wa mafuta was a front used by Davis Chirchir and Onesmus Murkomen to launder the money stolen from the Government. That the deal turned sour could be the reason why the matter is now in the public domain; otherwise it could just be another mega scandal easily swept under the carpet as life continues.

Cabinet Secretary Onesmus Kipchumba Murkomen has recently come under fire by senior Kenya Kwanza politicians for publicly displaying an ostentatious influential lifestyle.


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