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With Eric Omwombo 

Resolve conflicts in lake Victoria waters if you are really committed towards the establishment of federal system.

According to Governor James Orengo, the East and Central Africa may not succeed in their bid for union or federal system if conflicts engulfs the lake.

Lake Victoria it’s a natural resource that should e exploited by member state without any hindrance.

Orengo spoke during the world fisheries day 2023, where he warned that the idea for the union it’s perfect but it will not thrive in an environment that is full of attacks.
“the persistent wrangles in the waters of Lake Victoria involving Kenyans fishermen and Ugandan security was in deed threatening the proposed union/federal system.” said Orengo
Orengo at the same time reiterated on his commitment towards supporting fishing sector or blue economy saying that the counties economy is anchored in it.

To ensure proper handling of fish, post harvest loses, Orengo vowed to capacity build the Beach Management Unit Officials on it.
“Orengo also announced that his governments is working in a program that will see new BMU officials capacity build 9n various governance programs.

“We are aware that BMU officials were elected and we have plans to capacity build you so as to run your programmes smoothly.
As we train you on governance issues, you must strategies on how to join cooperatives so as to benefit immensely from government of Siaya adding that is the vehicle for development.

CECM incharge of Agriculture Silvester Kokoth, lauded Governor Orengo for living to the expectation of Maputo Declaration of seeing to it that every Country allocate 10 percent of it’s budget on Agriculture.
He further shared the sentiments of Assembly agriculture chairman Fredrick Omoro that fish data ought to be taken so as to know exact number of fish in the cages, ponds and lakes.


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