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The Controller of Budget Dr Margaret Nyakan’go was arrested at a symposium in Mombasa on Tuesday morning. In Record Time together with 10 others she was arraigned in court the same afternoon and charged with offenses purportedly committed in 2016.

Dr Nyakango, who took oath of office on 4th December 2019, was due to retire in November 2027. According to Article 251 of the Constitution of Kenya, the Office of the Controller of Budget enjoys security of tenure, and the holder shall hold office for a non-renewable term of eight years.

Her arrest comes barely four weeks after her explosive presentation before the National Dialogue Committee (NADCO) where she revealed that someone at the National Treasury had been inflating her salary by three times the amount without her consent:

“When I was doing the budget for consolidated funds services, this is where my salary is paid from, I found out that my salary was budgeted at three times what I’m paid. I am the only state officer in my institution so there is nothing like confusion there. I’m all alone. So I asked them why is the budget showing three times what my annual salary is. And it was like that for all the state officers. I have not received the answer to date,” she said.

And that was not all.

Dr Nyakang’o, in her monthly report to the National Assembly of Kenya, also recently warned that the Gov’t may soon be unable to render crucial services due to the weakening shilling against the dollar which has led to a sharp increase in public debt, which has the potential to erode the Govt’s fiscal space and limit the implementation of other critical policies and programs.

It is not yet clear who in the National Treasury doesn’t want Dr Nyakango to continue doing the Lord’s work until 2027 when her term expires, but looking at the grounds for impeachment up above, we can conclusively report that it won’t be long before Dr Nyakang’o returns from the lion’s den to continue with the Lord’s work as we wait for State House intercessors to return from counting their monthly stipend.

—Content Supplied by Gabriel Oguda


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